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The name’s Alexis Marie.

Chicago is my current location, though this is always subject to change. For now I am studying Communications at Moody Bible Institute and working as an Editorial Assistant in the Alumni Office. I freelance for The Moody Standard and also assist Professor John Clark with his Theology goodness. The near future has always been a great source of uncertainty for me, but as far as I can hope, I will be serving people and writing with non-profits for some season of my life. One day I will own a coffeehouse/music venue/place of community beauty. But God is Sovereign beyond what I think I know and He could very possibly have other plans in my mind for me: like becoming a yak-herder at a camp in Mount Everest or being one of those crazies that get in cages to feed bloodthirsty sharks.

I can count on an everlasting, true plan, though. There is a day that I welcome from a terribly short distance where I will worship and love and all I will do is worship and love–beyond myself, beyond even the greater reaches of my imagination. [Dreamy sigh]…Ah and the stranger will be restored to her home. The alien will return to her Kingdom. The princess will dance before the King. The bride will be touched by the hand of her Beloved. And finally she will give Him the glory with selfless abandon…I pursue, live, ask, write in anticipation of my near future, but more so for this everlasting future. ❤


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