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Sometimes I am actually grateful that I didn’t grow up in the church world (we’ll save why for another post).There are many other times, though, where I feel like I missed out. For example I had no idea who C.S. Lewis was until almost three years ago! Another example: hymns. What an exquisite treasure to Christianity we have in these profound works of literature! And save for those occasional and random moments when people decide to start singing an old hymn and I am left humming and trying to listen to the words, there are hardly opportunities today for us to really value the depth of hymns together-even in the churches. Tragic.

I’m not going to lie, most of the hymn knowledge I have so far has come from listening to Sufjan Steven’s during the holidays. I think I must have replayed “Come Thou Fount” for three days straight the first time I really listened to it. What better way to be exposed to such humble understandings of our relationship to the Holy God, than by way of banjo?

Have you heard of the Autumn Film? No? Well, you probably haven’t heard of their other musical endeavour then: Page CXVI (yeah C.S. Lewis reference). Basically they are trying to revive the spirit and practice of worshipping with hymns. I rather adore what they are doing.

So I know that “I’ve got the joy, joy, etc” isn’t a typical hymn that you would find someone appreciating for its musical or lyrical depth, but oh. my. word. What they did with it makes me say, “I feel ya, woman. I feel ya.” And then I praise Jesus.

And I can’t understand. And I can’t pretend that this will be alright in the end.
So I’ll try my best and lift up my chest to sing. about this. joy. joy. joy.
So I’ll be happy…


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