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Chimera III: ducking the dragonflies

Complacent waters..
She calls me away,
Untouched by the storm.
Into her lily bouquet.

placid purity.
Nothing will taunt me. nothing will taint me.
I love your still obscurity.

Her gentle waves wrap me in a shroud of calm.
She turns my body deeper, deeper into the grey.
The crystal waters kiss the surface of my flesh.
My bones creak as she rocks me away and away and away.

placid purity.
I have tasted of your colorless mystery.

The sway, the sway of her tranquil way,
bends my mind to forget that I live today.
She holds me, she hides me,
From the storm that’s inside me.

placid obscurity,
Your refuge so severe.

Her mist becomes my veil,
the waters, all I hear.

Placid purity turns my blood gray,
Something about your nothing charms me to stay.

The glass that covers my body tucks my mind in.
I’ll sleep through the ages,
While the storm rages.

Given over to her cunning, cool kiss,
Who cares about my sin?
I simply will not exist.


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