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Chimera I: I’m no watchman, but you should have listened

Your eyes look past mine
The cafeteria wall stares blankly back at you
I reach desperately into your dim face
So unwilling to accept despair
There is hope for us yet if you would only dare
The second-hand so unforgiving
My patience succumbs to desperation
Placid eyes, The calm is shifting

[How they tarry in the light, their songs have been stolen
Their chants are enticing the storm that will bury you tonight]

When time gets in the way
and silence fosters lies,
the gyrillidae shroud even
the most complaisant of eyes

Stone-faced, your intensity is a lie
I warned you!
How is your heart so reluctant?
I know they stole the life from your eyes

The droplets on the window pane
mark eras lost in silence
the first of the waters slither down the glass,
Hissing my name


Time has stolen away, the day is dying
You, my friend, will be wasted with it
as you sleep in your pitiful silence
Steady streams now run and flow into each other
They whispered my name into the skylight



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